Oregon ridge park – red-yellow trails

June 24th


“The soul that sees beauty often times walks alone.”


To tell you guys the truth, for some reason I always forget about this park. Even though I spend a lot of time around Hunt Valley. It is so convenient and amazingly spacious – over 1000 acres – within 15 minutes of Baltimore. It has lots of little trails and at least 2 big interchangeable trails. Two separate parking areas – both entrances are from Beaver Dam rd but one is about 20 feet from Shawan rd. It has a lake aka Oregon pool, 2 playgrounds, several open- and a covered picnic area, a Lodge and an outdoor concert pavilion. It also gives home to the Oregon Ridge Nature Center.

The park was originally created on the site of an abandoned iron ore and marble quarry back in the 1830s.

I pulled Yoda in under the trees so while it’s still be hot by the time we get back, it’ll help a little. Starting towards the Nature Center, greeting the chickens, a turkey and a gander after passing the Nature Classroom and a tenant house on the right. Heading into the woods left to the interactive playground we says hello to a beautiful owl in an inclosure.

Educational boards

I love the sight of these colorful trees along the path. They each tell a story of some sort.

When the path splits after the artwork tress on the top of the hill, we are heading right.

Striped prince’s pine

There is something magical about the forest in the morning sunshine. I feel centered and joyous.

Following the red trail.

Thankfully we are never too far from a creek, giving us an opportunity to cool down and take pretty pictures.

The slight uphill will take us to another split where we’ll turn right again.

Educational board about chestnut trees before turning right.

Getting to the clearance in the woods we turn right on the sunny path and then left back into the forest.

At our favorite bench – it’s really a masterpiece – we take a few minute break to admire the beauty of its construction.

While taking this pic I notice a green caterpillar with a face, on one of the cardinals! Too cute!

Eastern tiger swallowtail’s caterpillar

Follow the yellow cut through to the right.

Shortcut through a fern “forest”.

Reached the yellow trail (S. James Campbell trail).

Even though none of you will notice our distress but from this point on for a mile we got chased by a gadfly. First it was just bothersome but it didn’t wanna quit. Racing downhill to reach the ‘run’ through stones and wood barriers was not something I would do normally. Finally I might have whacked him in the head ’cause it disappeared.

We are safe at last at Baisman Run.

The crossing is a bit adventures for people but easy for dogs. Happy pup.

About another minute away we can cross on a wooden bridge. I prefer the other.

Crossings vary every time we get to another portion of the run.

My wish was granted.

I am soooo glad I have Mag with me! He has found a viscous water root….I don’t know what would’ve happened without him spotting it.

Another beautiful landing in the water. So serene. Could take a nap here.

Back to reality. The trail awaits. Uphill for a while.

In the middle of the struggle, we meet a guy (3rd person today) with a beautiful German Shepard. It’s not enough to huff and puff going up, now I have to drag an 80 lb dog with me as well who doesn’t wanna not great another pup. Great.

On the top I have a minute to relax spotting this toad jumping on the path. He was a poser.

Getting hotter already since the creek is way behind us in the valley.

Ladybug on a bench, funny tree, Indian pipes, butterly wing

Follow straight onto loggers trail (we are back on the red trail) ….

….passing by the old ski hill lookout with a bench to take a sec from hiking.

Continuing on the steep red trail we must pay attention to where we step. There are man made steps periodically but still have to be careful.

Indian pipe

At the clearing we keep straight/left until seeing the steps through the overgrown vegetation. This will lead us to the playground.

Walking pass the picnic tables….

….Oregon pool is on our left, with the covered picnic area next to it. Over the water there are dozens of dragonflies chasing each other.

Up the small hill, through the parking area, keeping left, down the brand new stairs to our car.

4.1 miles of bliss. Clean Mag off. No ticks found. Wave good bye ’till next time.

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Magzilla, our AMSTAFF has rescued us in 2017 on a rainy day in May. It was a rough start because we didn’t know anything about him after him walking up on our property. But he has showed us what an amazing person he is and things became happily ever after pretty quick. He is very social, both with people and other pets. He loves his cat sisters and brothers and off course walking.

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