D.R.O.O.L. – March 2020

Daily Reminiscence Of Our Lives


3/31 Tuesday

Avocado update. It grows like weed!


3/30 Monday

One of our neighbor’s Butterfly Magnolias. Its wonderful creamy yellow can be spotted from a block away.


3/29 Sunday

East of Marriottsville Rd. hike in Patapsco….where else? Wonderfully dreary day!

Blog post


3/28 Saturday

Mag while stretching in the afternoon.


3/27 Friday

Leakin Park beauties.


3/26 Thursday

Nature’s art on Sudbrook Trail.

Comfy sunbathing Mag.


3/25 Wednesday

Lucky twenty minutes with only light drizzle so we could accomplish our morning walk.

The Saucer Magnolias are in full bloom. This is our precious tree.


3/24 Tuesday

Within 5 feet, these three paw prints were imprinted in the mud. Deer, dog, raccoon.


3/23 Monday

Around the yard. Saucer Magnolia after storm.


3/22 Sunday

Do you think he’s comfortable?

Avocado update.


3/21 Saturday

8.8 mile Patapsco hike on Pickall Trail.



3/20 Friday

Spooky morning.

Intricate spider web with its maker.


3/19 Thursday

More wet blossoms and the face of an Angel!

Avocado 3 days later.


3/18 Wednesday

Leakin Art Trail.


3/17 Tuesday



3/16 Monday

Blossoms of spring.

Avocado seedling after about a week and a half in water. Look at those roots!


3/15 Sunday

Spring flowers are my main inspiration this month along with water droplets. We hiked Leakin Park’s 6 mile door to door loop today.

This is Halo when she is just looking at me. She looks like she has seen a ghost.


3/14 Saturday

Headed back to one of the awesome trails we haven’t done in Patapsco (there are still so many!).


Later on, Mag took a bath after dirtying himself up on our hike and hung out with Onyx while drying.


3/13 Friday

This photo looks like a caramel cake decoration to me but really I have know idea what could it be. It was tiny as you can see the Eastern Redbud pod underneath as comparison.

Mag is in position for some treats at work.


3/12 Thursday

Overcast Leakin Park.

Amazing color combination within a daffodil.


3/11 Wednesday

Leakin walk.

Contrail highway

Flowering quince


3/10 Tuesday

More lovely spring flowers.

Saucer Magnolia close up
Bishop purple crocuses


3/9 Monday

Chill day around home, just marveling about nature’s bounty.

Busy bee on the tiny but mighty Mahonia flowers


3/8 Sunday

Yesterday’s spring day turned into a chilly and frost bitten Sunday. We still managed to hike with minimum encounters with other humans in Oregon Ridge.

In the afternoon we did some gardening and enjoyed some much needed sunshine among crocuses and daffodils.


3/7 Saturday

First day of spring at our house at least. Mormi our groundhog is out, enjoying the rays.

Mag got his new PJs without knowing that in a few days the Corona Virus outbreak will give us all the space we didn’t know we need.

Later on we went for a hike….

Check it out here: https://magzilla.blog/2020/03/28/patapsco-valley-state-park-iii-3-0-miles/


3/6 Friday

Today yet is another very sad day. Puffy Rice crossed over the rainbow bridge. R.I.P. my sweet big baby!


3/5 Thursday

There are several ruins within the park as well.

Evening walk highlight. The sunset.


3/4 Wednesday

Here is another side of Leakin. The gazebo at the Nature Center and the Honeymoon Cottage at the Mansion.


3/3 Tuesday

Since our shop moved we’ve been walking at Leakin park in the morning. So close and there are several different routs to switch between every day.


3/2 Monday

We woke to see clear skies today with lots of contrails. In the evening Mag got comfy as usual.


3/1 Sunday

Visited Timonium Fair Grounds today with my sis Chris. There was a small petting zoo – sort of. A Turkey, Llamas, goats and pigs. Also a Wallaby who didn’t look happy at all. I truly dislike keeping animals confined for any reason other than rehabilitation.

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Magzilla, our AMSTAFF has rescued us in 2017 on a rainy day in May. It was a rough start because we didn’t know anything about him after him walking up on our property. But he has showed us what an amazing person he is and things became happily ever after pretty quick. He is very social, both with people and other pets. He loves his cat sisters and brothers and off course walking.

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