Why blog?

I have been exploring Baltimore and the surrounding areas since 2001. First mostly walking (American term for taking them for a drive) my employer’s English bulldogs daily in a Jaguar and then later in a Mercedes, non other (#eyerolling). In the summer months I got into such adventures as taking them to the Falls rd. trail. Don’t get too excited! We have never made it further than the closest water access point – maaaaybe a quarter of a mile – before they started passing out. Loved the little boogers though. In memory of Emily, Maddie and Woowoo. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Then I started exploring even more on my own after getting married and running half marathons. NCR has the best training surface. Running up to Monkton and back is about a half marathon without elevation in a safe environment.

After Mag’s arrival in 2017….

Pic was taken June 2 2017 but he showed up on May 28th

….we have picked up 2 walks per day when weather permits. If it’s really rainy or cold we only do the short neighborhood loop (1.3 miles). Since last year when Jen – our neighbor – has joined us and so we’ve broadened that loop to 3 miles on certain occasions.

However we are always trying to get to new locations and explore new trails, parks, arboretums etc.

Why make a blog about it?

We were at Soldiers Delight and I was wondering….

“I take all these photos of these wonderful places we enjoy every day, why not tell people about them so they can enjoy them too?”

I’ve noticed that most people go to the same park every day. That must be boring. Especially doing circles on paved paths. It’s not even good for your feet, knees, posture etc. and dogs really get a kick out of smelling new, exciting things. Mag does.

Even though he loves our after dinner neighborhood loop, he needs more excitement….and I need more exercise as well.

So here we go.