The NCR saga continues

From Parkton (12.9 mile mark) to Bentley Springs (15.5 mile mark) – 5.83 mile (round trip)


🚗 Directions: take the Parkton exit off I-83 (Exit 31/Middletown rd.) towards York rd. Turn left onto Frederick Road, and park at 18858 Frederick Road.

Alternate parking: take York road north from exit 31/Middletown rd. and after Miller road on the right, turn left onto Frederick rd. through the hairpin turn. Cross the small bridge and park on either side.




As we pull into the empty parking area there is already a big smile plastered on my face. Could be the cooler temps or the fact that it is Thursday but either way we have the trail to ourselves!

As I mentioned it before in one of our previous NCR posts (this is #7) there is virtually no elevation here – none we can attest to anyway – and even though our walks are usually uneventful, this trail is still one of our favorites.

There are a lot of historical markers along the way, mostly about the old railroad and the small towns it used to ran through.

Shortly after leaving the parking lot we reach mile marker #13. (If anyone is a runner who is reading this and runs from mile marker to mile marker – like I used to do – than keep running after the bridge ’cause this is less then a minute away.)

Moving like sloths on a tree we finally get up to Dairy road where a narrow wooden bridge leads automotive traffic above Little Falls.

Carefully crossing the low traffic road, we take a minute to enjoy the river’s soothing sounds.

From here on, until we reach I-83 there are exercise equipments on this perfectly straight stretch of the trail. They have seen better days but most of them are still usable. Unfortunately most of the explanatory instructions are gone. Mag doesn’t mind that though.

While crossing under 83 a cyclist with two dogs on short leads pass us like a circus act.

Beyond the highway, giant cookie-cutter mushroom houses greet us to our left with perfectly manicured lawns on top of a hill.

Here we have the pleasure to meet Diane with her beautiful dog Miles. Excitement takes over and I forget to ask her permission for a photo. Minutes later we are taking a short break to shoot mile #14.

Temperatures are in the 40s however it’s not enough to melt icicles in the shaded areas between stoney valleys.

After another straight as an arrow portion of the trail, we arrive to Walker road. There are some parking spots a few hundred feet away from the trail but it looks unofficial to me. Most likely local people use them to enjoy this more remote connection to NCR.

Right after Walker road there are two small bridges, one has a perfect spot for Mag to sit….

….and the other is marked as a Railroad bridge from 1925.

We cross one more bridge….

….before we get to yet another, where Beetree Run falls into Little Falls. This is the best kept bridge yet with a small pebble “beach” underneath with easy excess.

Getting back to the trail after drinking some cold water and taking some pebble pictures we reach mile #15.

Where we catch a squirrel munching on a nut….

….and learn about an old railroad signal.

Our next “stop” is Bentley Springs where we actually will turn around and head back.

We however will cross Bentley road to document our next NCR starting point, the small parking area up ahead and to try to round up to 3 miles one way.

The road here lazily winding in pretty S-es following the bends of Beetree Run.

On the way back I notice this awesome diy trashcan holder. Love the idea of recycling broken ceramics, glass, etc. into something useful and beautiful.

While heading back, the biker guy with the two dogs passes us again, giving Mag some much needed speed. We actually jog back almost the entire way! (I tried to record a jogging session but my phone didn’t cooperate.)

Even though we stop to drink again at another nice little beach spot where the Run beautifully slow and calm.

I don’t know if it’s lucky to see horseshoe prints but we have seen a lot of them! No horses though.

What took us 1.5 hours going north, we have accomplished in 50 minutes south.

Before getting back to our car we’ve met Sadie a vizsla girl who was very sweet. Didn’t understand Hungarian though, like Mag but they hit it off anyway.

I tried my best to accomplish 6 miles total but we were still shy of it a few tenth. We had a great time though! Cannot wait to be back!

See you all next week!

Have a wonderful weekend and a peaceful, lovely week ahead!

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Magzilla, our AMSTAFF has rescued us in 2017 on a rainy day in May. It was a rough start because we didn’t know anything about him after him walking up on our property. But he has showed us what an amazing person he is and things became happily ever after pretty quick. He is very social, both with people and other pets. He loves his cat sisters and brothers and off course walking.

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