D.R.O.O.L. – February 2020

Daily Reminiscence Of Our Lives


“Hello February! Please be good to me.”


2/29/2020 Saturday

Took a short stroll on a new trail in Milford Mill in cold and wind, brrrrr. Thankfully the sun was playing peekaboo.


Later on in the afternoon we had an impromptu photo shoot in the kitchen. Models are: Mag, Toto and Puffy Rice.


2/28/2020 Friday

Happy birthday to my husband of 17 years even though he is in California celebrating it.

Violet in an overhang of a stone wall
Sunset clouds with the moon


2/27/2020 Thursday

Sunrise is back! We had so many gloomy days lately I haven’t had a sunrise photo since 2/12/2020!

Sunny Maggy.


2/26/2020 Wednesday

Since our shop is moving we only have time for a quick walk at Silver Creek park. Here are some moments from there.


2/25/2020 Tuesday

Rain, rain, rain….


2/24/2020 Monday

We ended back at Meadowood in the morning.

Mag got new PJs and was sporting it in the evening. Little jailbird.


2/23/2020 Sunday

We’ve enjoyed another trail hike in Patapsco Valley State park.


I did some gardening in the afternoon, taking advantage of the nice, sunny weather. Mag took a nap on his cot.

We stopped at Meadowood for our evening walk and caught the sunset.


2/22/2020 Saturday

We are going to Alexandria, VA today to surprise my hubby on his upcoming birthday. While everyone else is celebrating we sneak out for a walk in the neighborhood.

Most houses in this area are well kept and have wonderful statues in their yards – outside and inside-.


The Potomac River


2/21/2020 Friday

Cat pics today. Pretty cold in the morning – in the 20s – so we skipped our walk. Uneventful evening walk but kitkats wanted to snuggle.

Puffy Rice enjoying some personal time
Toto figured if this crate is good for the dog itโ€™ll do for him too


2/20/2020 Thursday

Today’s sunrise wasn’t as colorful as usual but I still enjoyed the wonderful cloud formations and contrails.

Cattail seeds ready to catapult


2/19/2020 Wednesday

Several Silver Maple trees are in full bloom in Silver Creek park. They look like tiny fireworks.


2/18/2020 Tuesday

Narcissuses are almost ready to bloom in front of our cathouse.


2/17/2020 Monday

Sunbathing dandelion on our morning walk. Smart flower! It feels so much better on the sun.

Mag cuddling in his travel carrier with his new dragon plushie.


2/16/2020 Sunday

We had to run out to get some rotisserie chicken on this lazy day and found this wonderful park next to Wegmans in Columbia. We are going to investigate this location at another time, within a blog post. Lake Elkhorn is on our list officially.


2/15/2020 Saturday

18F this morning. We took our time to get outside and walk, even though it was sunny. We warmed up by the end but still needed a hot latte to take off the chill.


2/14/2020 Friday

Thug Mag Valentine.


Winter indeed, he finally had a chance to wear his Christmas present.


2/13/2020 Thursday

Windy, coldish, rainy, dreary, gloomy day. My little ray of sunshine in his blue raincoat is the only color today.

We are getting ready for our shop’s relocation so I dug out Mag’s travel carrier to have with us on site. With new plush dragon in place he is ready to hang out at the office more comfortably.


2/12/2020 Wednesday

Having rain for days makes me appreciate today’s sunrise even more. I would love seeing this every morning. Less then half hour later it was overcast yet again.

Mag is ready for Valentine’s Day.

2/11/2020 Tuesday

More rain but awesome wet shots.

Budding wild rose

Alien reflection


2/10/2020 Monday

Even though we did a quick supplies run and walked as well, since it was a rainy day I only have indoor photos. This is Simone letting it all hang out.


2/9/2020 Sunday

In bed all day with the flu. I still got a pic today. My hubby took this of Mag.


2/8/2020 Saturday

We were driving to Emmittsburg today to get a cap for our pickup truck and there were these gorgeous horses on location. Mag made friends with them right away.

We’ve decided on the way back to check out a short trail in Catoctin Mountains up NW.



2/7/2020 Friday

Rain, rain and more rain. It seems like that’s going to be the motto for February.

Ancient looking tree in Sudbrook park

Stuck at work


2/6/2020 Thursday

Another rainy day. We got lucky and hit a window of dry hour to walk, thankfully.

Toto and Halo hanging out underneath the heat source.


2/5/2020 Wednesday

We had heavy rain overnight so everything is covered with water droplets. I love the photo opportunity it gives.

Yucca leaf

Heavenly bamboo berries

PomPom during a sentence


2/4/2020 Tuesday

Staying home for a day definitely has its perks. We headed over to Leakin park for a leisurely walk. I love the giant mosquito, praying mantis and the squirrel sculptures on display at the Nature Center.

In the afternoon I was checking on my Mahonia bushes and got surprised by the ample tiny yellow flowers and dozens of bees. I love these plants! So hardy, easy to maintain and they flower from mid January.


2/3/2020 Monday

Wonderful day for our morning walk. Clear blue skies with contrails. This magnificent Sycamore tree is in Meadowood Regional park.


2/2/2020 Sunday

Sunday, funday started out with a mesmerizing sunrise over Baltimore.

Later on we were dropped of at Harpers Ferry while my hubby ran some errands close by. I was a bit worried about rain but we got lucky and had a wonderful walk for a few hours.


St. Peterโ€™s Roman Catholic Church with the railroad tracks in front

The Shenandoah River with view of the bridge over the Potomac


2/1/2020 Saturday

February started out chilly with overcast skies but this first day ended up being a pleasantly sunny day by the afternoon. Until it started to drizzle around 5PM.

Lichens on wooden roof shingles
Ice covered Oregon pool
View from Lake trail

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Magzilla, our AMSTAFF has rescued us in 2017 on a rainy day in May. It was a rough start because we didnโ€™t know anything about him after him walking up on our property. But he has showed us what an amazing person he is and things became happily ever after pretty quick. He is very social, both with people and other pets. He loves his cat sisters and brothers and off course walking.

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