D.R.O.O.L. – January 2020

Daily Reminiscence Of Our Lives

“I am just hoping for a mild winter this year. Want my cats to be safe and warm.” – me


It’s hard to believe that this photo chronicles a sunrise. Looks more like a sunset.

Within half an hour the scenery changes tremendously. It’s a beautiful tribute to the last day of January.


Ice crystals in the outside cat bowl after breaking the surface.

The moon visible beyond pink-blue clouds at our evening walk.


Dramatic morning skies above Sudbrook park.

Mag enjoying his caterpillar’s company, tucked in, nice and toasty.


Dreary, moist day but even today I was lucky enough to find a heart.

The evening sky was spotted with pinkish clouds. Promise of another wet day tomorrow.


I check every morning if we are having a fabulous sunrise or if its overcast. Today turned out to be breathtaking one!

This gorgeous specimen of American Sycamore takes my breath away every time I see it in Meadowood Regional park.

My sweet old Toto chilling under the heat.


Even though it’s 44F it feels nice until we hit the savanna in Soldiers Delight. Brrrrr….gusty winds and I am only wearing a hoodie. Mag is naked 😱.

Definitely needed my big girl boots today. Extreme mud conditions and part of Dolfield trail washed away and under water.



Lovely but cold Saturday at Centennial park. Dramatic shots though.


Another one of those gorgeous morning sunrises.

Halo was ruling the cat bed at the kitchen door when we came downstairs. She seems to be enjoying the other cat’s companies lately. Here she is hiding behind the gray mountain aka Mag.


Brrr….cold and overcast but the sunrise is spectacular even so.

Since we work all week it’s our regular quick walk close to the shop. We ran into Magnum the gorgeous Doberman and his dad at the park. Forgot to take photo….but here is a pic of Mag working hard instead.

I love Knock out roses. It’s not just because they flower about 7-8 month out of the year it seems, but they always provide a good subject to photograph no matter what season it is.


Upper 20s but sunny with super blue clear skies. The contrast is wonderful between that blue and the browns of nature.

Snowdrops are in full bloom even though we only had about an inch of snow all winter and even that melted in a flash. They somehow still know it’s January and so they push through the dry and frozen soil and ground cover.


Exploding cattails and frost crystals at the park.

Mag cuddling with his daddy.


Meadowood Regional park is always a good idea in odd weather. It’s cold and windy today so people are staying away. We pretty much have the whole area for ourselves.

Toto needed some love after dinner. He can be very clingy sometimes.


We planned some family time together for today but our walk just turned into a quick visit to Sandymount park. Gusty winds and snow made us shorten our outside time. By the end of brunch the snow melted under even though the wind didn’t let off.

Halo and Mag both enjoying the rays in the afternoon.


Originally we didn’t plan to go out today but I figured we can beat the forecast for snow later on and visit Centennial Park in Ellicott city.

We got snowed in and got our booties frozen but enjoyed it throughout.



Shadowy walk in Silver Creek park.

Simone being her cute self.


Morning sun rays through patchy clouds.

Dandelion wishing for spring.


4 mile walk at Red Run …. I have been eyeing this trail for years! I used to see it from driving over it and always wondered how to get to it. Lovely, local park tucked away between residential and commercial buildings.



Cold and rainy day. Not much going on.

Sporting his UV coat at Meadowood

Tucked in at work


Super quick morning walk and hiding in the swamp….

This is 15 years young Christophoro. Behaving right now – on this pic – but usually hitting me on the head from the fire escape. He feels like a cotton ball because of his long fur.


We are heading over to Patapsco Valley State park to hike our longest yet.


Mag is getting himself into hiking mode….

From the 9.7 mile, we’ve probably walked 6 next to the railroad tracks.

Mag fell asleep right away in the car on the way home.

Blog post


This pic reminds me of the fires in Australia and my heart goes out to all who are affected.

I am also heartbroken over losing Flare. When I came downstairs this morning to take care of him, he was gone. He passed away overnight. Farewell sweet boy! I will always love you! ❤️

Cromwell Valley State park hike.



We still have some snow on the ground even though it’s already pretty mild. We’ll have upper 60s this weekend so it will go.

Mag feels most comfortable when he is upside down.


Cold days call for a comfy, warm nest.

Cattails in Silver Creek park


Below 32 weather greeted us this morning with about an inch of snow. Our view from the bedroom is this pretty. Later on Mag was enjoying the powdery snow at the park where tree shadows danced around us.


We’ve woken for another beautiful sunrise.

Since temperatures hovered around 40F (5C), we planned to walk late morning into early afternoon. Today’s target was Loch Raven Reservoir because of the fact that we haven’t been there. The car’s GPS had me drive around for no reason but I eventually found a good starting spot. Glen Ellen trail.


The entrance here looks like a clustrofudge at the moment but at least right now it’s easy to spot.

Loch Raven is yet another beautiful area around Baltimore where we can probably do another 8 or 9 hiking trips with all the trails it has to offer.


Stretching is important in the morning!

We went to our regular park, Silver Creek but explored it beyond the light rail.


We had a late start to the day, being Sunday. Took this gorgeous sunrise pick at 8:47 am.

Lazy, cold, overcast Sunday calls for a long walk. While driving to our destination I’ve changed my mind and started to head in the direction of NCR to finish the last stretch of the MD miles. By the time we reached the trail the sun showed through the clouds.

Mag had loads of fun as usual. Found a raccoon, rolled in high grass, chased squirrels and ran free.

We leisurely walked more than 5 miles and we were home just in time for dinner.



I have made an appointment for Puffy Rice early this morning to see what’s our next step to see why he cannot breath. After taking x-rays, it seems that there is something making his airways closed up. Him being over 10 years old making any further steps unreasonable. We will wait and see how he does in the future.

Since it will be another rainy afternoon we are heading to Leakin park to beat the storm. We are walking a variation of the Franklintown loop.

Somebody really nice put Christmas ornaments on the newly planted trees in the middle of the woods. So lovely. Thank you!

The valley was under a thin fog cover above Dead Run. After descending it became invisible.

We rounded up to 3.3 miles.


Mild but rainy day. I wanted to try my new camera out so I didn’t take a bunch of photos with my phone like usually.


Since the forecast predicts rain for the weekend we headed to NCR trail today to pick up on our blog posts. Close to 6 miles on an almost empty trail made our day!



1/1/2020 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Having a few cloudy, foggy days makes me appreciate a gorgeous sunrise even more! And it’s the first day of a new year.

While walking tonight we’ve found a perfect basketball on the side of the street. Mag looooves them so I’ve picked it up and carried it home. He had a blast killing it….

Blog reference from yesterday’s walk in Oregon Ridge park:


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Magzilla, our AMSTAFF has rescued us in 2017 on a rainy day in May. It was a rough start because we didn’t know anything about him after him walking up on our property. But he has showed us what an amazing person he is and things became happily ever after pretty quick. He is very social, both with people and other pets. He loves his cat sisters and brothers and off course walking.

2 thoughts on “D.R.O.O.L. – January 2020

  1. You have a lot of great pictures.. so it is hard to point some out.. I loved the trees 🙂 and the morning pictures, esp. the sunray. Also Mag with the Kitty. I am very sorry about Flare.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Flare’s passing was very unexpected so I didn’t have time to mourn over it. I did my best…. I have a lot of different interests but nature photography is definitely one of my fave outlets. Makes me happy when other ppl enjoy the pics as well.


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