Watkins Glen State Park – Indian Trail – 3.1 miles

7/17/2021 Watkins Glen Upper Entrance – Indian Trail (Intro: I have been very busy with two Kickstarter projects and haven’t been hiking longer than just our daily routine. I am just catching up posting our last two hikes from 2021 😳. I’ll share my heART QR code on the bottom here, and ask you toContinue reading “Watkins Glen State Park – Indian Trail – 3.1 miles”

Tioga State Forest – Sand Run Falls – 7.1 miles

5/14/2021 Sand Run Falls trail – Mid State trail Elevation gain: 614 ft Location: Arnot rd. Wellsboro, PA 16901 (Latitude: 41.682667, Longitude: -77.153025) ⛲️ We are driving up to the Finger Lake region in NY for the weekend to hang out with Team Danger on Watkins Glen raceway so I’ve figured might as well enjoyContinue reading “Tioga State Forest – Sand Run Falls – 7.1 miles”

Sugarloaf Mountain – The loop – 10.3 miles

5.1.2021 – East View – Mountain Loop trail (white) – Saddleback Horse trail (yellow) – Purple trail – Northern Peaks trail (blue) – Mt. Ephraim Rd. – Saddleback Horse trail – Mountain Loop trail – Noname path shortcut to parking Elevation gain: 1467 ft Location: 7902 Comus rd. Dickerson, MD 20842 🪰 Originally I’ve plannedContinue reading “Sugarloaf Mountain – The loop – 10.3 miles”

Lake Elkhorn Park – Lake Elkhorn Trail – 2.3 miles

4/24/2021 West side, Parking lot A – Trail around the lake Location: Broken Land Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21045 Elevation gain: 66ft 🧤 The weather hasn’t been kind to us on the weekends this year so our posts are scarce. Mostly rain or snow but freezing temperatures have been also sabotaging our longer hikes to exploreContinue reading “Lake Elkhorn Park – Lake Elkhorn Trail – 2.3 miles”

Picture post – Mag’s 5th birthday

Gunpowder Falls State Park – 4.18 miles To celebrate MAG’s fifth birthday I convinced my hubby to come and hike with us in one of our favorite spots within Gunpowder Falls State Park (several earlier posts can be found if you look back). I was also trying to find my favorite pair of gloves “leftContinue reading “Picture post – Mag’s 5th birthday”

Quiet Waters Park – Bike path and beyond – 5.2 miles

1/17/2021 Red Maple Pavilion – Bike path south – Wildwood trail – noname trail to beach – Harness Creek trail – shortcut to avoid people to two more beaches – Holly Pavilion heading back – Quiet Waters Park road – back to Bike path north – Red Maple Pavilion Elevation gain: 180.4 ft Location: 600Continue reading “Quiet Waters Park – Bike path and beyond – 5.2 miles”

Gunpowder Falls State Park – Masemore rd – 5.4 miles

1/1/2021 Gunpowder South Trail (white) – Highland Trail – Gunpowder South Trail – track back Elevation gain: 745ft Location: small parking area is on Masemore rd. but there additional street side parking up and down the road 17701 Masemore rd. Parkton, MD 21120 ☔️ This trails is one of my all time favorite. (There isContinue reading “Gunpowder Falls State Park – Masemore rd – 5.4 miles”

Appalachian Trail – Blackburn Trail Center – 3 miles

12/27/2020 Appalachian Trail Spur – Appalachian Trail – View lookout – AT for a small bit – track back through Rindt Trail Elevation gain: 620.1 ft Location: 34899 Appalachian Trail Rd., Round Hill, VA 20141 🥶 It is a very loooooong (I would say 1 mile) drive to the trailhead from Woodgrove Rd., uphill fromContinue reading “Appalachian Trail – Blackburn Trail Center – 3 miles”

Patapsco Valley State Park (XIII) – Hilton Area – 7.8 miles

11/28/2020 Forest Glen Trail – Sawmill Branch Trail – Buzzards Rock Trail – Grist Mill Trail – Buzzards Rock Reroute – noname trail through Ilchester Rock lookout – Buzzards Rock Trail – Sawmill-Ilchester Connector – Hilltop Connector – noname trail crossing S. Hilltop Rd. – several noname trails – Charcoal Trail – Santee Branch TrailContinue reading “Patapsco Valley State Park (XIII) – Hilton Area – 7.8 miles”

Patapsco Valley State Park (XII) – Old Court rd. – 8.3 miles

11/22/2020 Paved trailhead – Thru Trail (white) – lower Thru Trail following Patapsco River towards North – Chevrolet Trail – Quarry Trail – Church Trail – Joe’s Trail – Quarry Trail – Paved trailhead Elevation gain: 554ft Approximate address: 10968-10992 Old Court rd. Woodstock, MD 21163 Latitude 39.331897 / Longitude -76.869958 🎃 We are backContinue reading “Patapsco Valley State Park (XII) – Old Court rd. – 8.3 miles”