NCR – Sparks rd to Corbett rd

(June 20 2019) “Go where you most feel alive.” Today’s “adventure” is starting from the Sparks road parking lot. We are here early, thanks to the heat and humidity index for later. Both of us rather take the 60s. Nice shady spot in front, since only 4 cars are present. Good to be an earlyContinue reading “NCR – Sparks rd to Corbett rd”

Soldiers delight – Serpentine trail

“Sometimes, the shortest path between two points is serpentine.” Christopher Benfey Got up early today as usual. Thanks to Mag. Got to the visitor center at 8, even though this environmental area only opens at 9am. Since the gate was open we took liberty to drive up the road and park Yoda in our usualContinue reading “Soldiers delight – Serpentine trail”