Oregon Ridge Park – Miners trail – 1.4 miles

12/31/2019 I’ve already wrote a blog about this trail but we love it so much, I have to speak up about it again. https://magzilla.blog/2019/10/01/oregon-ridge-park-miners-trail-1-mile/ It doesn’t matter in what season, it always feels magical here to me. Very small area we actually cover here but that doesn’t mean that it’s not full of lovely, smallContinue reading “Oregon Ridge Park – Miners trail – 1.4 miles”

Cromwell Valley Park – Minebank Run trail – 5.1 mile

1/11/2020 Minebank Run trail – Lock Raven Drive trail – Sycamore path – Fire road – Barran’s trail – Baldwin trail – Barran’s trail – Willow Grove trail – Sherwood Farm trail – Minebank Run trail – Sherwood Farm trail. Elevation gain 630ft Address: 2002 Cromwell Bridge rd. Parkville, MD 21234 Willow Grove Nature EducationContinue reading “Cromwell Valley Park – Minebank Run trail – 5.1 mile”

Loch Raven Reservoir – Glen Ellen trail – 4 miles

1/7/2020 Glen Ellen trail – unnamed trail – back to Glen Ellen – unnamed again – Sams Grave trail – Glen Ellen trail – unnamed trail again – back on Glen Ellen trail. Elevation gain 495ft. AllTrails shows Glen Ellen as a blue line but we wondered off on the black a bunch of times,Continue reading “Loch Raven Reservoir – Glen Ellen trail – 4 miles”

NCR – last stretch in Maryland

1/5/2020 From Bentley Springs to Freeland (Bentley rd. to Freeland rd.) – 5.16 miles (round trip) πŸš— Directions: to mile 15.5 Bentley Springs: take York Road north of Parkton (Exit 33 off I-83). Turn left (northwest) onto Kauffman Road. Follow Kauffman Road for less than 1 mile, and turn left (west) onto Bentley Road (makeContinue reading “NCR – last stretch in Maryland”

The NCR saga continues

From Parkton (12.9 mile mark) to Bentley Springs (15.5 mile mark) – 5.83 mile (round trip) 1/2/2020 πŸš— Directions: take the Parkton exit off I-83 (Exit 31/Middletown rd.) towards York rd. Turn left onto Frederick Road, and park at 18858 Frederick Road. Alternate parking: take York road north from exit 31/Middletown rd. and after MillerContinue reading “The NCR saga continues”

Recap of my 2019’s favorite pictures

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them. πŸ“Έ “Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” – Destin Sparks πŸ“Έ JANUARY “Three ballerinas on swings”, Monaco FEBRUARY “Ocean sky”, Silver Creek park, Baltimore, MD MARCH “Louie’s hangover”, @home APRIL “Window display”, Vienna, Austria MAY “Mag”, courtesyContinue reading “Recap of my 2019’s favorite pictures”

D.R.O.O.L. – November 2019

Daily Reminiscence Of Our Lives πŸ¦ƒ “There is always, always, always something to be thankful for!” – Unknown πŸ¦ƒ I am grateful to myself for being a vegetarian. “The U.S. Department of Agriculture projects a shocking 35 percent of turkey meat does not get eaten during Thanksgiving. Where does it go? Into trash cans. That equates to over 200 millionContinue reading “D.R.O.O.L. – November 2019”

Making a heartbreaking decision – Pet euthanasia

RIP – Louie XVII of Windsor Hills ✝️ 11/18/19 Louie has been with us for a number of years. Don’t really know how old he is since most of my rescues come when they are already mature. The first time I have taking him to the vet was in 2004. He moved in way beforeContinue reading “Making a heartbreaking decision – Pet euthanasia”

Leakin park – Franklintown loop

10/19 Gwynn Falls/Leakin Park, 1981–1999 Eagle Dr., Gwynn Oak, MD 21207 (Note: unfortunately something happened to WordPress after the last update to my iPad and now I cannot make notes on pictures. Sorry.) πŸš‚ “Closeness has nothing to do with distance.” – Except today. πŸš‚ I have planned a new adventure for today but lifeContinue reading “Leakin park – Franklintown loop”

D.R.O.O.L – October 2019

Daily Reminiscence Of Our Lives πŸ•Έ β€œAutumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus πŸ•Έ Note: I have had some trouble with this app since the last update to my IPad from around the 24th. I can upload pictures but cannot always comment on them. Sorry folks. πŸ•Έ 10/31Continue reading “D.R.O.O.L – October 2019”

Prettyboy Reservoir Park – South

9/14/19 Masemore rd. Parkville 21120 πŸ› “What if that change you’re avoiding is the one that gives you wings?” – Laurie Wallin πŸ› There is a special “treat” for us today. My husband is joining us! Which means I can mostly concentrate on taking pictures. Awesome! We’ll head towards North from Masemore rd., jumping onContinue reading “Prettyboy Reservoir Park – South”

Oregon Ridge park – Miners trail – 1 mile

9/11 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ NEVER FORGET! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ I thought this morning that we’re gonna start on Miners trail – since we have never done it – and since it’s only about a mile, we’ll just catch up to the main loop at the end. Wrong! This trail is super short but it’s action packed and so lovelyContinue reading “Oregon Ridge park – Miners trail – 1 mile”

D.R.O.O.L – September 2019

Daily Reminiscence Of Our Lives πŸŽ‰ “Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul…” – Peggy Toney Horton πŸŽ‰ 9/30 Today was a little bit mixed up. First we went to work, then walk then within an hour back home. The weather was so amazing that we have decided toContinue reading “D.R.O.O.L – September 2019”