Patapsco Valley State Park (V) – Pickall trail – 8.8 miles

3/21/2020 Pickall trail – Patapsco-Thru trail – Mill Race trail – Patapsco-Thru trail – Rockhaven Avenue – Stairway to Haven – Patapsco-Thru trail – Pickall trail – Festivus for the Rest of us – Festivus – Pickall trail Elevation gain: 869ft Location: Old Frederick Rd. at Johnnycake Rd. before green metal bridge. Windsor Mill, MDContinue reading “Patapsco Valley State Park (V) – Pickall trail – 8.8 miles”

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

April 2020 B&W photo challenge: Anything with double letters 👁 I will change this to enter it under Which way – April 10 2020 since it fits perfectly. (Originally posted under Vertical lines – not really a challenge. Just wanted to share….😉) 👁 Pick a topic from this photo. Colorful buoys. 7/11/2019 Fish graffiti inContinue reading “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge”

D.R.O.O.L. – March 2020

Daily Reminiscence Of Our Lives 🌷 3/31 Tuesday Avocado update. It grows like weed! 🌷 3/30 Monday One of our neighbor’s Butterfly Magnolias. Its wonderful creamy yellow can be spotted from a block away. 🌷 3/29 Sunday East of Marriottsville Rd. hike in Patapsco….where else? Wonderfully dreary day! Blog post 🌷 3/28 Saturday Mag whileContinue reading “D.R.O.O.L. – March 2020”

Patapsco Valley State Park (IV) – BDTITP trail – 4.5 miles

3/14/2020 BDTITP trail – Old Ranger trail (blue) – No name trail – Old Ranger trail (blue) – No name trail – Old Ranger trail (blue) – Peaceful Pond trail (orange) – Old Ranger trail (blue) – No name trail – BDTITP – off trail next to Patapsco River Elevation gain: 492 ft Location: OldContinue reading “Patapsco Valley State Park (IV) – BDTITP trail – 4.5 miles”

Patapsco Valley State Park (III) – 3.0 miles

3/7/2020 Unnamed trail following South-Branch Patapsco River to the West Elevation gain: 223 ft Location: 714 Marriottsville Rd. Marriottsville, MD 21104 🌸 Even though I drove by here numerous times over the years the parking area is so small we’ve just missed it. It’s also right next to the railroad in a slight left turnContinue reading “Patapsco Valley State Park (III) – 3.0 miles”

Patapsco Valley State Park (II) – 4.1 miles

2\23\2020 Daniels Access trail – Powerline trail – Church Loop 3 – Church Loop 1 – Daniels Access trail Elevation gain: 577ft Location: Old Frederick rd. Ellicott City, MD 21043 This spot is yet again a small parking area (15 cars?) sandwiched between the railroad tracks and the river. Our target trail is across theContinue reading “Patapsco Valley State Park (II) – 4.1 miles”

Cunningham Falls State Park – 2.6 miles

2/8/2020 Falls Nature trail 0.8 mi – Unnamed trails 1.8 mi Elevation gain: 669ft Location: Catoctin Mountain Park 6602 Foxville Rd. Thurmont, MD 21788 Another one of those trips when my hubby had some business to conduct nearby and I bargained for this hike to go with him. We were driving on 15 towards SouthContinue reading “Cunningham Falls State Park – 2.6 miles”

Harpers Ferry – Shuttle Route – 4.4 miles

2/2/2020 Shenandoah St. – The Point overlook – Lower Town trail – Harpers Ferry National Historic park – Shenandoah River shore Elevation gain: 292ft This hike is brought to you by: quick decision making. My husband had to drive to Winchester, VA. and I’ve figured might as well get dropped off here and take aContinue reading “Harpers Ferry – Shuttle Route – 4.4 miles”

Milford Mill – Gwynns Falls trail – 1.1 mile

2/29/2020 Gwynns Falls trail – Elevation gain: 59 ft Location: intersection of Milford Mill rd. and Scott’s Level rd. Official signage at the entrance of the parking area. Just before I695 above. Parking lot is small but today is cold and windy so only the brave is out walking anyway. There is only one carContinue reading “Milford Mill – Gwynns Falls trail – 1.1 mile”

D.R.O.O.L. – February 2020

Daily Reminiscence Of Our Lives 🎾 “Hello February! Please be good to me.” 🎾 2/29/2020 Saturday Took a short stroll on a new trail in Milford Mill in cold and wind, brrrrr. Thankfully the sun was playing peekaboo. Later on in the afternoon we had an impromptu photo shoot in the kitchen. Models are:Continue reading “D.R.O.O.L. – February 2020”

Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area – Full loop – 5.27 miles

1/26/2020 – Choate Mine trail – Dolfield trail – Red Run trail – Choate Mine trail – Serpentine trail – Almart trail 💭 “Get away from it all, locally.” 💭 Location: 5100 Deer Park rd. Owings Mills, MD 21117 – Nature Center I like to park at the Nature Center but the gate’s opening timeContinue reading “Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area – Full loop – 5.27 miles”

Centennial Park – Lake loop – 2.7 miles

1/18/2020 – Lake loop Elevation gain: 128ft. 🦆 “When snow falls nature listens.” – Antoinette Van Kleeff 🦆 Location: 4651 Centennial Ln. Ellicott City, MD 21042 – West parking area For more info click here: We always park in the West area since we approach from Route 40 through Centennial lane. All of theContinue reading “Centennial Park – Lake loop – 2.7 miles”

Red Run Stream Valley trail – 4 miles

1/15/2020 Red Run Stream trail – Wetland Trail loop – Red Run Stream trail – Walnut Grove Trail loop – Nature trail – Red Run Stream trail Location: 9283-9299 Dolfield rd. Owings Mills, MD 21117 (beginning of Dolfield rd. across from Residence Inn off of Red Run Blvd.). This side of Dolfield rd. is footContinue reading “Red Run Stream Valley trail – 4 miles”

Patapsco Valley State Park (I) – Thru trail – 9.7 miles

1/12/2020 – Thru trail (white) – Unnammed cut through – Lower thru trail – Pain cave – Hell of the North – Double trouble – Thru trail – 9.7 miles Elevation gain: 902ft 🌞 I was apprehensive about the location of this trail and was prepared to drive by if parking was only avail onContinue reading “Patapsco Valley State Park (I) – Thru trail – 9.7 miles”

D.R.O.O.L. – January 2020

Daily Reminiscence Of Our Lives ⛸ “I am just hoping for a mild winter this year. Want my cats to be safe and warm.” – me ⛸ 1/31/2020 It’s hard to believe that this photo chronicles a sunrise. Looks more like a sunset. Within half an hour the scenery changes tremendously. It’s a beautiful tributeContinue reading “D.R.O.O.L. – January 2020”