Appalachian Trail – Blackburn Trail Center – 3 miles

12/27/2020 Appalachian Trail Spur – Appalachian Trail – View lookout – AT for a small bit – track back through Rindt Trail

Elevation gain: 620.1 ft

Location: 34899 Appalachian Trail Rd., Round Hill, VA 20141


It is a very loooooong (I would say 1 mile) drive to the trailhead from Woodgrove Rd., uphill from half way….thankfully all of us drive 4×4 cars. It’s a cold day with ice forming on the creek’s surface running next to the road. I am just glad the winding route is not icy. Even without wintery conditions, letting on-coming traffic go is interesting, to say the least.

Since the trailhead is a well kept secret the parking is tiny. Actual spaces are for about 6 cars/trucks but a few more can be squeezed around with sensibility. We brought the crowds I guess because by the time we park and get out, the small lot is full already. A few more cars pulling up behind us.

Uphill hiking starts or rather continues from our cars, passing Blackburn Trail Center.

A nice couple actually resides here and just getting home. We stop to exchange a few words then head up the stone steps. Up on top is a partially covered view awaits us of the valley below.

We are on the Appalachian Trail now, bordering West Virginia (white trail).

Signs are informing us of the possible routs we could take. Since we have company today I just make a mental note….

Up on the ridge there is no elevation until we leave the lookout. The view is of the NW Shenandoah River snaking just below the tree line.

After getting back on the main trail we head North for less then a mile on a descending path. Since the woods are dormant there is not a lot to see but I still get a glimpse of this cool looking sap.

At one point we turn around to head back unfortunately. At least it’s now a slight uphill so we still get our recommended exercise. We taking the first lefty – Rindt trail – back towards the campground.

I am not a fan of downhill hiking but here thankfully natural stone steps lining the way making our march easier. Definitely better for my knees.

There several elevated platforms built here for tents.

We are back at our cars in a jiffy. This was really a shortish hike for us but we are still very happy to get out at least.

Happy Mag

Map as follows.

Thank you for stopping by. See you around!

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