Gunpowder Falls State Park – Belair Road – 4.2 miles

11/8/2020 Lost Pond Trail – noname Trail loop North from Big Gunpowder Falls – caught up with Sawmill Trail – back on Lost Pond Trail

Elevation gain: 262 ft


I was having a hard time – again – to find parking initially coming here but while on Belair rd. signs for Gunpowder Falls State Park are clearly marked. I had to pick up my girlfriend from our meeting spot from up the road – small parking lot full of cars at Little Gunpowder Falls on Rt1 – then head back to this bigger lot to start our hike – across from Gunpowder Lodge -.

The first mile or so is easy-peasy, following the river on Lost Pond Trail. Took several small breaks on the occasional sandy/muddy beaches for Mag’s enjoyment.

Chris – my friend – requested a shorter distance so when we get to the rocky portion on the river after spending about 10 minutes hopping from boulder to boulder and taking pictures we head up the hill on noname trail towards Mt. Vista rd.

Absolutely beautiful portion of the trail

Basically yapping all the way while following AllTrails map – this is a catching up hike – we still end up losing sight of the trail at a creek’s overwash and by accident I even turn off the app…. The disconnect clearly visible on the end map.

After finding our way back to the trail, now we are on Sawmill – yellow – trail, heading back down to the river, catching back up with the Lost Pond trail going NW.

We lose the trail yet again at the end but have no fear because there are some pretty steep looking stairs next to the bridge taking us up back to our car.

Overall nice little walk even though Mag and I will have to come back to enjoy the whole loop all the way down to Rachel rd.

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