Patapsco Valley State Park (XI) – Woodstock – 6.1 miles

9/20/2020 Thru Trail (East) – Bob Trail – Thru Trail (West) – More More Fun Trail – More Fun Trail

Elevation: 489 ft

Approximate address: 10968-10992 Old Court rd. Woodstock, MD 21163

Latitude 39.331897 / Longitude -76.869958


I’ve been driving by this spot for years but never liked the always packed street side parking. Now however we are at the point in Patapsco Valley State Park that I am forced to hit these trails.

There is also very limited parking across the bridge. In May (31) my hubby dropped us off to hike the 10 mile stretch between Woodstock rd. and Daniels rd.

So we are starting from Old Court rd (MD125) just before the bridge over the Patapsco River. (Old Court road becomes Woodstock rd. across the bridge.) As I said, parking is on both sides of the road so be careful while parking and while approaching the trails on foot. Traffic will not slow down unfortunately and they are zooming by fast!

Entrance to the trails

The quarter of a mile paved entrance leads to a heavily gated building and can be used to get to Thru trail and Quarry trail as well.

We take the first left from this paved road almost immediately after entering it and walk down to the river to follow it towards the South.

Reception is spotty and even though I wanted to stick with the longest trail I am not able to see the map right now. So just following the main/white trail – I assume – to our left, after crossing under the bridge.

There are several Patapsco Valley South badges on trees but just keeping with the river is easy enough. Mag loves the water and we take every chance to walk down to it and soak in the views.

Beachy area at 0.6 miles
Great Blue Heron

The trail narrow and overgrown so look out for bikers. They can sneak up on you without a warning.

We spot several ducks and listen to the dozens of different birds singing and chatting away. We even find a tiny ceramic rabbit peaking from a tree’s crevice.

People leave mementos everywhere

Mag poses for some cover shots while I notice after one of the bends of the river that looks familiar that we have been here before.

Thankfully I am able to check the map and my thoughts are confirmed. (1/12/2020) In January we hiked up here from Alberton rd. and used an unnamed and non-existent trail beyond the Boob (trail) to turn back right here. So that’s our cue to turn around and after taking yet another pic of beautiful Patapsco head up the hill using the Bob (trail).

We are in Patapsco Valley North as the tree badges confirm and back on Thru trail (white). I spot these psychedelic orange ‘shrooms on a dead trunk while Mag concentrating on a runaway squirrel.

Chicken of the woods?

Such a beautiful day! The trail is quite, the sun is shining and we are hiking! Best day!

Tiny creek

More more fun trail crosses path with Davis trail for a minute around here than becomes just More fun trail.

Unfortunately my idyllic day doesn’t last long ‘cause we come across this trash pile on our right. It even shows up on the map as “Old quarry filled with trash”….saddening.

We are almost back at the car and since I don’t want to cross the road and deal with lots of people on the way we end up climbing up the hill before the bridge to reach Icicle (our car). That’s why the end of our map looks funky.

Of course we enjoyed yet another fantastic hike around Patapsco which will still provide hours of hiking for us in the future. So lucky to be close to this wonderful river! We’ll be back! And remember

On the way back….look who’s ready to take a nap.

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