D.R.O.O.L. – December 2019

Daily Reminiscence Of Our Lives


I was looking for inspirational quotes to finish 2019 and to start 2020 but there are just too many of them I like, so here is my fave to sum it all up.

“NO regrets!”

I don’t believe in the new year, new beginnings nonsense. It is a new year but a new beginning can happen any time. I personally don’t need January 1st to roll around to have the strength to change things in my life if I want to or need to. I am just glad we are only 60 days from March and that the days are getting longer!

(Note: last month I’ve tried the chronological order backwards but I didn’t like it. So it’s back to abnormal.)



We wish you all a magnificent New Year!

This dogwood is ready for new beginnings as well at Oregon Ridge….

….where the trees are sky high….

….and even dolphins enjoy the last day of the 2019.



The day started with some serious fog which turned into a rainy morning.

By around 2pm while the clouds were clearing out, we caught the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. Unfortunately we were driving and could not find an appropriate spot to take a whole shot at it. By the time we’ve pulled over in a huge parking lot it was gone….



We are rushing to beat the rain so we can do our walk. Sort of successfully, even though we got a few drops on us.

Not as lucky in the evening but Mag tolerates being outside in his raincoat. You can see him on the bottom pic on the left….

Mag most of the time will fall asleep with us in bed then move down to his crate – house as we call it -. Tonight he is super comfy in his dad’s left armpit.



Breathtaking sunrise today….I guess we had to have a dramatic one since yesterday’s was canceled.

I was planning a huge hike today in Patapsco State park but life threw us a curveball. Puffy’s right rear leg seemed paralyzed this morning so I had an emergency vet appointment. He seemed to do better by the time we got to the doctor so only got some pain meds. Could be arthritis….we’ll see. Mag was on his bestest behavior, waiting very patiently.

So after getting home we headed to Leakin park and walked 6.4 miles in 60F weather. We were loving it! Spotted this light brown colored duck in Gwynn’s Falls looking for food.



It’s super foggy this morning which I love! Sunrise was rescheduled until further notice though.

I have to fill in for my hubby at the shop so we have no choice but to do a quick walk at Meadowood. By this time the fog has moved on….



I was hoping Cylburn arboratum will be open today….and we got lucky!



Since we stayed in all day today I’ve only got another gorgeous sunrise pic.



Christmas Eve’s day got us lazy. After cooking for my hubby, the day was over. Mag pretty much was christmased out as well….



Since it’s a bit chillier this morning than the previous days we only doing our small walk in a Silver Creek park. This gorgeous doe didn’t run off as we’ve approached her.

Gwynn’s Falls was beautiful clear and I am sure close to freezing.



Beautiful, sunny day yet again. We felt like visiting the horses today on NCR so we took our time driving up there just enjoying the scenery.

We’ve spotted a Red-shouldered hawk short after leaving our car but the picture quality wasn’t good enough. Instead, here is a sunbathing squirrel for you.

Many places there was water seeping through the rocks which have frozen overnight, providing us with lovely icicles now melting away.

Mag had a chance to say hi to his favorite pony, Ollie.

And we had an amazing sighting of a Bald Eagle having lunch on the same tree we’ve seen the Hawk earlier – in my opinion the Eagle was actually eating that hawk. I saw feathers flying around him while devouring its pray.



I check out the sunrise every morning from the top floor of our house. Love taking pictures of it almost daily.

In the afternoon we headed over to our friends where Mag got an awesome Christmas gift. He actually loved it but the weather is pretty mild for December so he’ll sport it at a later time.



I’ve noticed the other day that one of my little cacti started to flower. Itty-bitty, tiny flowers. So precious. The diameter of the plant is about 1.5 inches and it’s maybe 5 inches tall. The flowers are about 1/8 of an inch.

These tall grasses are very popular around this area and I love to look at them. They have such a lovely, delicate quality. They remind me of a princess’s long tresses flowing in the wind. Hard to photograph though because they are constantly moving.



Still cold but Mag always finds some extra energy to run around and do zoomies.




We have a lot of gorgeous sunrises from our second story master suite. This morning wasn’t any different. Love the orange glow on the horizon.

The cold probably has something to do with the crystal clear view for miles. Bitter cold (20 something) walk, cut short. Heading for some hot latte….



Super foggy start to the day. I absolutely love taking pictures in this condition. It makes everything looks so mystical and dramatic.

In the evening Puffy Rice had a vet appointment so we’ve visited Mag’s favorite place and people. There was a small dog crying for help and Mag wanted to make sure he/she is ok.



We woke up to snowing in the morning which turned into rain by the afternoon so we pretty much stayed inside until 4 pm. Evening walk was uneventful and rainy.



Since it has been colder we’ve been only walking once a day and since today is actually pretty decent, we dare to walk almost 3 miles in the afternoon! Leakin park and Gwynn’s Falls is still pretty in the winter.



We had a birthday party to attend this afternoon and we got to be so lucky that there is a park within a short walk. Clermont park adjacent to Loftridge park located in Rose Hill (near D.C.).

Mag have also met 3 new doggy friends – thank you Stout for being such a wonderful girl, letting him intrude your domain – and we went back to see Mick Wu for another play date.



We got to finish our walk this morning just before it started to rain. I feel lucky, even though it’s Friday the 13th. Boooooooo



Thankfully the sun is shining so the cold is bearable. We have some snow still on the ground and beautiful ice crystals have formed on the top of the soil.

Mag is wearing his festive outfit today and of course got it dirty in 2 minutes flat.



Looking out the kitchen window this morning I’ve recorded my thoughts about the view:

We’ve had our first snow tonight. I hope it’s the last one of the season’s as well 😃 even though the clear blue sky with the lazily swimming waves of clouds giving me a beautiful photo opportunity.

Well….by the time we’ve made it to our walk, there were no clouds at all.

Note to myself….scratch that thought.



Luckily the rain should hold until 10 am so we are heading to Leakin park for a quick walk.

Abandoned building within the park
Holly berries



First time since we have Mag that we missed both our daily walks due to rain. In the morning I didn’t have his raincoat in the car so we skipped and in the evening he refused to walk, even in his raincoat.



We got some lovely presents today from auntie Chris. The kids tried this doormat right away. They approve.



Being Saturday and cold, we’ve stayed in for the most, except two small walks and the killing of a paper box.



We had a vet appointment for Zebulon today but Mag goes bananas as soon as we get close so he had to come in. He absolutely loves the vet office and all the awesome people there!



Love to photograph the sunrise from our house.

Mag sleeping like a baby.


Frosty morning with lovely sunrise….

….but by the time we get to the park, it’s overcast again.



How to dress appropriately today is the $100 question. Hot in the car, cold outside in the wind.

And I’ve left both my gloves in the car and i could’ve really use them. Brrrrr.

Mag is wearing his Grinch bandana and showing the same spirit to Onyx who looooves him, staying in character 😂.



Still raining. Still cold. I somehow still manage to enjoy this weather though.

Mag seems to think on this pic that I get too frustrated while driving. He probably is like ” I better put that seatbelt on right about now!”

Reaching for the skies
My favorite #lookslikeanoil-painting location
Rushing waters
Waterslide on an orange leaf



Rain, rain, rain. I take this as a sign of a mild winter. I actually beg for a mild winter! Hopefully our last winter in our current house….

As you can see Mag is over the moon enthusiastic about the rain and coat.

Any knockout rose bush is an excellent subject throughout the year to photograph. Always beautiful to me.

It is truly the end of an era! Toto (left) right next to Halo, laying next to each other, looking like identical twins, even though they are about 12 years apart in age. First time ever! Love these little briquettes.


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Magzilla, our AMSTAFF has rescued us in 2017 on a rainy day in May. It was a rough start because we didn’t know anything about him after him walking up on our property. But he has showed us what an amazing person he is and things became happily ever after pretty quick. He is very social, both with people and other pets. He loves his cat sisters and brothers and off course walking.

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