D.R.O.O.L – October 2019

Daily Reminiscence Of Our Lives


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus


Note: I have had some trouble with this app since the last update to my IPad from around the 24th. I can upload pictures but cannot always comment on them. Sorry folks.



Happy Halloween!

Self made decoration at our shop

Onyx didn’t like me taking his photo.




Pouring rain this morning. We’ve even skipped walking since Mag is not a fan of getting wet if he is not in the tub or a river. I went shopping without him and got soaked thanks to the lack of an umbrella.

After getting home I got mauled by my stinkface then we got upstairs to take a nap. Few hours later, sunshine woke us up. It was 75F and no clouds in sight. CRAZY!

Mag getting some Onyx love….as always.

Chris, my 15 years young white fluffball



Chilly morning. I have to remind myself to dig out my gloves. Mag didn’t mind the dreary day and happily walked around in Silver Creek park.

Later on at the shop I dressed him up in his warm hoody to keep him toasty. And adorable.

Little red riding hood


Seems like Leakin park is becoming our busy day staple. It’s next door so why not?

Intensely staring at the deer
Steaming Gwynns Falls

Bathtime during the day


Such a gorgeous day! Mid 50s in the morning, upper 60s by the afternoon.


Rainy morning at Silver creek park. Almost impossible to juggle umbrella, leash and iPhone to take pics.

Water droplet sailboat web

Chinese fountaingrass under heavy rain

My favorite porcelainberries even shinier when wet

Mag after wipe down


We usually don’t come to the Lake Roland trails after a rainy day but the arboretum is closed today and Meadowood is farther up the road.

Jones Falls is finally swollen to its regular self after yesterday’s heavy all day rain. It also shows on the trail, at several spots the runoffs from higher ground are clearly visible. There are some trees down as well, mostly cleared away already.

Sawdust coloring the trail yellow (middle of pic)

I am a bit underdressed since it’s a little cooler in the woods. It felt warmer at home, in the city, between the houses. Just have to pick up pace and will warm up.

The floodplain on the left has also gotten some much needed water but still not enough for the turtles to come back.

Even though the flow of the water is bigger and faster I still don’t see nor hear either the herons or the kingfisher. Fluffy white clouds running above our heads when I peek through the fading canopy. Fungi and mushrooms are in their element on the wet, mossy ground cover and the long ago fallen and now rotting away tree trunks.

Worms of all sizes scooting by below are feet, trying to get on the other side of the trail. Some of them are victims of ignorant trail users. I am, on the other hand stop and pick up every one of them I can see. Tossing them far away from foot traffic. Even though they flip and flop to escape my beaks (fingers). My mom thought me when I was little that they are very important for the soil. Have loved them ever since.

Lovely discovery awaits us on the elevated portion of the trail, looking down below Lake Roland. Handful of Mallards swimming gracefully while a Great Blue Heron watches over them sitting on a tree stump above the lake. They quite far away from me to take a more presentable photo but I still love this.

We’ve also came across two slugs and a super delicate tiny spider web – sort of giving and impression of being a soap bubble floating in the breeze, reflecting sunlight like rainbow.

This is my fave pic for the day. Trees above us reflecting in a tiny water pond on a leaf.

At the end of this straight I have spotted two kingfishers chattering with each other. They were up high in the trees so I didn’t even attempt to take a photo. But they made me smile. And that was enough for me.

We’ve ended up rounding out at 3.12 miles. Not too shabby for a quick morning walk.


We got rained out. So we stayed in. Almost. Went to Steve’s in Alexandria 😁.


I have planned a new adventure for today but life interrupted….read about it here

We have ended up in Leaking park instead, 5 minutes from our house, walking the Franklintown loop. It’s a great trail. Easy and pretty scenic.

The beginning of the trail from Eagle dr.

Mag chasing deer

The abandoned looking bike trail

The Old Wagon wheel


Interestingly enough today feels chillier than yesterday even though the temperature is the same and the gusty wind is almost gone. It’s also partially sunny today.

More and more sunshine is seeping through the leaves in the forest. We are at Lake Roland.

Playing shadows


Doodling is harder than it looks!

Turned our to be a gorgeous day.

Mag is taking advantage of the sunshine.


I think I am in love with autumn. My only enemy is the wind. Details or close ups are out of the question. But the colors are amazing!


Chinese Silver grass is hard to photograph since it’s always moving.

Porcelain berries are still my most colorful subjects


Mag needs to be comfy even when playing.

Forecast shows rain from 10AM so we are rushing to Silver Creek park to beat it. Spotted the Bald Eagle again but since it was flying over our heads, picture was impossible.

Dreary but we need the rain!

Pano from the circle

Fall wardrobe

Evening colors after a day of rain.


Feels little chilly today but suppose to warm up after noon. Walking in Cylburn Arboretum ’cause we have lots to do at home.

I have finally accomplished something visible today. Our driveway entrance.


Leaking park 1.3 mile loopty-loop.

Flowering Honeysuckle

The forest has started to change.

New art on the trail.

Mag and Toto hanging out.


We met up with my exwork sister today for a morning stroll in Cromwell Valley state park. Since my knee is not yet hike ready I’ll blog about this amazing place in a later post. Here are some pics though.

Educational board about the stream

The beginning of our 1.7 mile walk

Gorgeous view

Native American campsite reenactment

Puffy Rice and Mag getting cozy the first time


Oregon Ridge – Miner’s trail in slow-mo. My right knee is still recouping.

Dewy flowering wild flower

Wildflowers are still flowering in the meadow

Handsome Mag

Dried mystery berries

At several spots on the trail these boards gives us an insider view of the past.

I truly love this shorter, more relaxed, small trail with so much to discover! Wonder around with open eyes or you might miss something magical.

Man made bee house.


Got up early since my hubby will not be at the shop today so I have to fill in. Quick walk in Silver creek.

Sunbathing Yellow-collared scape moth

Waiting for my command

Seed pockets

When my hubby is not at the shop it’s quiet so I took some pics to make time fly faster.

Sleeping cutie

Plum, blue and purple porcelain berries

Porcelain berries after a cooler night


Uneventful day, spent at the shop pretty much.

Leakin park beauties

TIER beauty


It’s quite miserable to walk a dog while limping. But it has to be done.

Amur peppervine

Red-shouldered hawks


We did get some rain finally, after more then a month of drought.

I’ve managed to slip on one of the wet wood barriers at the mini train track in Leaking park. It wasn’t pretty. The wind was knocked out of me after a huge thud, hitting the gravel with my right side. Even though a couldn’t move for a minute the only logical thing I could actually do…..is quietly, miserably laugh….in pain….go figure. My right knee is scraped up and feels like my whole lower leg got twisted. And we still had a half of a mile to walk back to the car. Yippee!

Daddy long legs

Another unidentifiable plant with fruit

Passing clouds


Got a day off today and did some much needed yard work. Rain is coming….supposedly.


Garden snakes and curious Mag


I have soooo many things to do today thanks to the turn in the weather. It’s finally doing season! Convenience wins out today, so we are heading over to Leaking park.

The art trail always has new art displayed

Am I the only one who sees a face?

We are within city limits so it’s so refreshing to only hear crickets around us. Lots of loud crickets. Pretty awesome.

Three bridges

Crayfish in Dead run

Crazy S-es bike trail



Cylburn Arboretum is always a good idea for a quick walk.


Portion of the trail

Fallen leaf

In the evening we head over to the Damascus area and stop for a short stroll in Oak Ridge conversation park. We only do 1 mile since it’s just before sundown.

Vinyl on a tree

Giant hedgehog in the creek bed

Soybean plantation under the power lines


Since we had a vet appointment this morning to drop off Silver for some much needed TLC we are doing our morning walk at Meadowood park.

Seeds before dropping

Milkweed seeds


Gorgeous day today. Still in the 70s but there is a light breeze and the rain is misting. My favorite!

Tiny triple decker spiderweb

Empty Monarch cocoon

Yellow-striped grasshopper


I spoted a tiny but mighty mantis on the bird feeder stake at home. It looks like he is doing yoga.

We are sticking with the Lake Roland trails because of the heat and work arrangements this morning. Insane heat today 94F….crazy.

The forest is quiet, I can still spot the Kingfisher but not the herons. There is a gorgeous crow bathing in the river. We meet a few doggie friends on the path and Mag takes a – possible last – dip in the water.


It still in the 70s today so we are heading to Lake Roland for our morning walk. Autumn is definitely here with the changing temperatures overnight. Leaves are falling continuously like magic dust as we walk along.

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Magzilla, our AMSTAFF has rescued us in 2017 on a rainy day in May. It was a rough start because we didn’t know anything about him after him walking up on our property. But he has showed us what an amazing person he is and things became happily ever after pretty quick. He is very social, both with people and other pets. He loves his cat sisters and brothers and off course walking.

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