Prettyboy Reservoir Park – South

9/14/19 Masemore rd. Parkville 21120


“What if that change you’re avoiding is the one that gives you wings?” – Laurie Wallin


There is a special “treat” for us today. My husband is joining us! Which means I can mostly concentrate on taking pictures. Awesome!

We’ll head towards North from Masemore rd., jumping on the trail on the left side of the green metal bridge. We are following Gunpowder Falls until it abruptly changes directions to the North-West, then we’ll head back up the hill towards the parking area. The trail itself can be challenging at times (I have slipped off of it and ended up on my booty) being narrow, overgrown and on several sections we have to climb basalt boulders to follow the river. Excess to Gunpowder is pretty much continuous.

This portion of this particular trail is so magical that I cannot say enough about it so I’ll let the pictures talk. You must visit to fully appreciate this beautiful park yourself.

Our view in the first hundred feet.

So many opportunities to capture the beauty around us.

Mossy tree trunk, Aster, ‘shrooms

Falling leaves scatter the lightly cascading water.

Access to water is plenty to the right from the main trail.

Misty fog was covering the water’s surface all morning.

Bit overgrown

I had to climb out on this interesting rock formation stretching into the river.

Another green bridge is visible at Falls rd.

Pretty finds in the woods.

Wild berries, Red clover, more wild berries, Common self-heal
At the Falls rd. bridge

Happy puppy smiling.

Mossy rocky overhang.

Great example of the rockier part of the trail.

We are back down next to the river, taking advantage of the cooling waters.

Amazing nature finds.

Closed bottle gentian, Imperial moth caterpillar (huge), ?, Common self-heal

Rock hill.

Another mesmerizing misty-foggy river shot.

Small cascades.

So Happy! Daddy is throwing small rocks and he runs around with joy to catch them.

There are so many tiny jewels around here. I love small details like these next focal points.

Cannot identify, red berries, tree fungus, Lycoperdon pyriforme (I think)

Crossing under the power lines are not my favorite thing to do.

We have returned safely to our origin. I got swept away with excitement and forgot to make a screen shot of the map and distance.

Sunflower variety at the foot of the bridge

Our loop was about 3 miles long. From that we have followed the river for about 2 miles and then cutting through the forest on the way back for a mile.

Just an absolute gorgeous and relaxing hike! Love, love, love it!

See you again soon!

Thank you for reading!

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