Oregon Ridge park – Miners trail – 1 mile





I thought this morning that we’re gonna start on Miners trail – since we have never done it – and since it’s only about a mile, we’ll just catch up to the main loop at the end. Wrong! This trail is super short but it’s action packed and so lovely that we spent our whole time here taking pics and sniffing everything!

We pretty much always park at the main parking lot at the visitor center.

This time as we pull up to the parking spots, on the top of the hill I just pull straight into the closest spot since the trail starts closer to the entrance of the park anyway. Walking backwards toward Beaver Dam rd., just before the bridge, on the left, we can see the sign for Miners trail.

There are quite a few ruins here. Mostly old tenant’s houses for the Iron Smelting Furnace from the 1800s. Other original buildings are still standing closer to the visitor center.

Mag being nosey

Keeping to the left we come across a wooden platform explaining and highlighting this small community from the past.

I must say it’s very educational.

Following the path we pass by another ruin and behind it an awesome treehouse. It is not accessible but cool to look at and a great topic for this shot.

Looping back to the trail we have two paths to follow. We choose the bridge across Oregon Branch. Little unorthodox, but its a very sturdy, handmade bridge. Mag has chosen to cross in the water.

After about 30 feet we are out of the woods and into a beautiful meadow full of wildflowers and high grass.

We are turning left, following a hunch. Later on it turns out it was a good decision.

There are so many gorgeous late blooming wildflowers around us but it’s a bit breezy and so it’s challenging to photograph them.

Jack in the pulpit seeds, dried seeds, tears of angels 🙂, Nuttall’s lobelia

Mag definitely enjoys the tall grass. Every few feet he rolls around in it or goes to discover new smells far into the field (8 meters far).

Cutest face ever!

This pretty big meadow/field is home to countless man made birdhouses scattered along the path. All but about 3 has eggs in them. One each.

The trail follows the tree line until getting close to Falls rd. on the east and than loops next to Shawan rd.

We have come across some interesting critters as well.

Lima’s Maximus x2, Milkweed bug, Brown Marmorated stink bugs, tiny snail on broken eggshell

Mag pretty much would get lost in the sea of tall grass and wildflowers without the leash.

There are literally thousands of drying Black-eyed Susans, sunflowers and coneflowers when the path winds next to Shawan rd. I cannot take enough images, I feel like I am missing so many beautiful shots.

It’s about time that Mag investigates the bird houses. He has been so busy with other aspects of this amazing field that he has just noticed them.

Walking on the lawnmower made path we pass the west side of the field where the community garden is located. Spotting a Red Shouldered hawk while doing so, flying high above us. When we reach back to the tree line we keep right, getting back to the little bridge across the stream.

Crossing Oregon Branch again we still keep towards the right, meeting some birdwatchers on our way towards the visitor center. No wonder there are people here enjoying watching birds, the air is filled with their beautiful songs.

Walking pass some fruit trees – ok, crabapple trees – we catch a glimpse of the vegetable gardens of the center, along with the bird run. They have some wild turkeys, chickens and a gander. In the distance the educational kid’s playground is visible.

The building hiding on the left is a kid’s pavilion.

We turn to the left, taking the little people educational path. These boards changing periodically, sometimes telling a story but now it’s about our solar system. Super cute and very smart addition to our walk.

From here we can look back at the treehouse in the distance.

Just before we would reach the car I come across these berries and just in time realize they are the fruit of poison ivy! Yikes! They kind of look like currents.

I was so desperate to get Mag cleaned and leave that I forgot to take a picture of our loop. Thankfully when I register our walk at ResQwalk it saves it.

We have done 1.03 miles in sloth motion. Had a great time and took a million pictures.

This is definitely a lovely short path and would recommend it especially if you have kids. Very educational but super fun out in nature. Easy too. Well maintained as well.

Have a great week!

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Magzilla, our AMSTAFF has rescued us in 2017 on a rainy day in May. It was a rough start because we didn’t know anything about him after him walking up on our property. But he has showed us what an amazing person he is and things became happily ever after pretty quick. He is very social, both with people and other pets. He loves his cat sisters and brothers and off course walking.

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