Tuesday at Cylburn

(Located 4915 Greenspring ave. Baltimore, MD)


Mag’s point of view

“If someone tries to tell you that you eat too much peanut butter, stop talking to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.”

Eating healthy is important


Get up, get up, get up! It’s almost 6! I am ready for my morning chase and treats!

Soft whining, followed by licking mom’s hand.”

She dropped a hint that we are going to the arboretum today! Yay! Maybe I can finally chase those deer lurking around in the forest….but first let’s head downstairs so I can bark at Louie! …… That’s done.

Eat your breakfast woman, so we can roll!

We just pulled in to Cylburn Arboretum (I call it sideburn though) and I have already spotted a deer on the right, next to the road. So excited! It’s gonna be a long chase on these 200 acres. I am glad it’s Tuesday ‘cause the grounds are closed on Mondays. Mom thinks of everything!

I love this place! So many beautiful and smelly plants everywhere!

Poppy, Foxglove beard-tongue, Bindweed, Milkweed


A feast for my nose! We are taking the big loop today, starting out behind the greenhouse and the old carriage house, through the first gate on Woodland trail.

First gate on Woodland trail


All the scents of deer, squirrels and chipmunks! Wait mom! I am sniffing….oh, fallen tree, let’s jump over….

We’ll follow the sign up to the right….Ridge trail. Pretty sloped and lots of rocks and roots.

A deer, right there! Let’s ruuuuun! Pulling mom up this hill for sure will get me a treat.

We are already at the second gate, chasing that deer sure helped us get here fast!

Woof! Back off mom! Strange contraption attacking!

Mom says “Just the counterweights on the gate, silly! Stop barking at them.” (Laughing)

Since we are hiking the long loop today, let’s keep to the left, onto ETTA Stem Wedge trail underneath these gorgeous trees.

Which way should we go now? Buckeye trail on the right or Spicebush trail on the left? I definitely would like to smell those spicey bushes so left it is. Through another gate yet again.

So nice and peaceful here. Only the humming of the close by highway (83) cutting through the lush forest can be noticed along with birds chirping.

Seed of some sort, wild berries, tall trees, dragonfly


This portion of trail is a little bit hilly and shaped like a serpentine. Reminds me of Lombard st. in San Francisco.

Reached the last gate taking us back to the park. Keeping left again on Circle trail. Yam….smells like honey in the air.

Blue elderberry
Out of the woods

We are here at my favorite building

The back of Vollmer Center

Up the hill towards that ancient dead tree and the Mansion.

Cylburn Mansion

So pretty! I heard that it houses a display of watercolor paintings. Next time we should go inside!

Let me roll in the grass a few more times and than we can head back to Yoda. And please check me for ticks, mom. I had a great time today, I think I’ll snooze in the car on the way home. And also while you’ll cut the grass, if that’s ok?

Big loop map

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Magzilla, our AMSTAFF has rescued us in 2017 on a rainy day in May. It was a rough start because we didn’t know anything about him after him walking up on our property. But he has showed us what an amazing person he is and things became happily ever after pretty quick. He is very social, both with people and other pets. He loves his cat sisters and brothers and off course walking.

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